Thomas Sullivan – Top Ten Things You Didn’t Know

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About So Much Time, So Little Change

by Thomas Sullivan

1)      The picture on the cover is not a portrait of the author.

2)      If your childhood station wagon had a back-facing seat, and you always got tapped to be the one riding in it, you will be able to relate to this book.

3)      Ditto if you don’t know how to fix up a house, but try anyway. And then laugh at the results.

4)      It is published by a socially-conscious publisher who does great things for kids.

5)      The book is intended to amuse, surprise, and entertain.

6)      If you were the bored kid who carved his name into a church pew in Norwich, Connecticut, your handiwork is part of one of the essays.

7)      The author once taught driver education. And survived.

8)      It includes some unique ways to market a book. But the author doesn’t recommend you try them.

9)      The author lives in Seattle and used to be a teacher. See #7.

10)  It is ridiculous. In a good way.

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Rating – PG

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