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Beware the Procrastination Demons by Layce Boswell

Procrastination is something that anyone battles with, even when certain tasks are enjoyable, and it is easy to fall prey to some of the procrastination demons. To avoid some of these demons, it is necessary to look at what they are as well as where they originate from in order to stay on task while working on projects. By identifying these demons, one’s workflow can be steady and remain productive throughout the work day.

One feeding force of procrastination , and laziness in general, is fear. Things such as fear of failure, ridicule, incompetence, and even fear of a seemingly never-ending task can cause any individual to seek outlets that avoid facing these subconscious fears. In order to work through these fears, one must identify them and then choose to work despite these fears. Although facing these fears can seem discouraging, choosing to see past the fears and focus on positive outcomes can help an individual focus on the steps that need to be done in order for success to be achieved.

Another component of procrastination stems from the very environment one chooses to work; with recent technology, and infinite knowledge and stimulation at everyone’s fingertips, staying focused on any one thing has proven to be difficult. However, to evade these situations of diversion, an individual can work in environments that inspire and cultivate production as opposed to distraction.

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Genre – Juvenile Fiction/Bedtime and Dreams

Rating – G

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