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The Bachelors is an organization of young single men who have a future, so to speak. Many of the members are from old San Francisco families, and others are just well-connected and impressive young men. The organization does good works, such as selling Christmas trees to raise money for the poor. 

Of more interest than trees to Paul, however, was the fact that the Bachelors was the brother organization to a female one named, of course, the Spinsters, the members of which were single young women from good families, plus newer residents who passed the test of appropriateness. 

Together, as they usually were, the two organizations constituted a not-so-subtle upper-middle-class marriage mart. But it was something more than that for Paul. The two organizations provided access to friendships and contacts that would be useful for a future lawyer who was not a native San Franciscan. Even better, the Spinsters provided a bevy of young women, most of whom were intent on finding a man they hoped would be the right one. In the process of finding him, they might try on several guys and have some fun. 

Once a year, the Spinsters hosted a ball, a huge all-night dance party in a hotel ballroom. The Bachelors were, naturally, invited, and they were each expected to bring several other young men so that the women would be outnumbered when the dancing started. Before the Spinsters Ball, there were elegant dinner parties for the attendees at the homes of some Spinsters or fancy restaurants. The ball began after dinner and lasted all night, with some going on to an early breakfast and then to bed…or to sleep. (pp. 28-29) Malpractice! the Novel

Malpractice! the Novel is an electrifying work of realistic fiction written by an anonymous insider who worked the frontlines of the clash between the medical and legal professions during the California medical malpractice insurance crisis, which began in the 1960s. William Louis Harvey, a nom de plume, takes readers on a steamy adventure involving power, sex, lies and money in this candid courtroom suspense thriller. While Malpractice! The Novel, is a work of fiction, it is rooted in the personal experiences and firsthand knowledge the author acquired during his decades of working inside the medical industry. 

California in the 1960s and first half of the 1970s had already seen a dramatic increase in medical malpractice lawsuits as juries awarded progressively higher sums for “pain and suffering,” a category that had no concrete limits and caused physicians’ insurance premiums for malpractice to skyrocket. Harvey chaired a committee that reviewed all malpractice claims involving a major California hospital during the crisis. 

Details of some of the cases he experienced are engraved in his memory, and small portions of these tidbits find their way into Malpractice! the Novel, his first novel. Roused by a recent New York Times article about the American male novelist’s fear of addressing sexuality, Harvey interleaved honest sex histories for his novel’s characters, adding a titillating sensuality to the suspenseful novel.

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