Author Interview – SK McClafferty

Q.  What makes you angry?

A.  Injustice and narrow-minded people.  If you could hurt a child, or abuse an animal, stay away from me.  I have a revolver, and I know how to use it.  If you are narrow-minded, I will ignore you.

Q.  How do I work through my doubts and fears.

A.  Spiced rum helps.  Just kidding.  “Work” is the key to that question.  I work.  Everyone has doubts and fears.  It’s healthy, as long as you don’t let it stop you.  If I am working on a project, the creative flow blocks all negative thought.  The best thing for me is to stay in a creative place.

Q.  Why do I write?

A.  Creation makes me happy.  I wanted to be an artist, and I am.  The blank page is my canvas.

Q.  Favorite meal?

A.  Soup with French bread and real butter and a cold glass of milk.

Q.  Favorite Food?

A.  Pizza.

Q.  My favorite place on the planet?

A.  The French Quarter.

Q.  My favorite quote.

A.  “Only the mediocre are always at their best.”  Oscar Wilde.

Q. What social issues interest me?

A.  Voting rights.  Mental  health.  Children’s and victim’s advocacy.  Education.  Equality in the work-force.  Labor unions.  And poverty in general.


Five authors contribute five novellas to this romantic collection set over centuries, in one home on the Albemarle Sound.

Home is where the heart is…

One stately residence on North Carolina’s Albemarle Sound. Five stories of heart-warming romance. Told against the backdrop of the Civil War, the loss of an unsinkable ship, the patriotic zeal of the second world war, the heart-rending conflict of Vietnam, and the thrill of modern day Nascar, Jamie Denton, S. K. McClafferty, Kathleen Shoop, Marcy Waldenville, and J. D. Wylde deliver a variety pack of poignant, sexy, and sweet.

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Genre – Romance

Rating – R

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