#Free Alert – Stars Rain Down (Biotech Legacy) by Chris J. Randolph @Spectre_7

Stars Rain Down by Chris J. Randolph


Our world was destroyed before anyone even realized we were under attack...
Marcus Donovan is an astronomer and day dreamer who's notorious for his skill at fixing wayward projects. Something is missing in his life, though, and when he discovers a mysterious object hidden in the asteroid belt, everything will change forever.
While he hurtles off to investigate his discovery, the Earth comes under attack by seven vessels the size of cities. The invaders lay siege to the planet and reduce human civilization to a pile of ashes and rubble.
But there are survivors. On the ground is Jack Hernandez, a search & rescue specialist who's a real, everyday hero. After crashing in the wastes of China, he soon joins the scattered resistance and begins to fight back.
Neither Jack nor Marcus would ever have dreamed it, but humanity's future now depends on their choices. One will be bonded to an ancient warship and asked to lead, while the other is imprisoned, tortured, and forced to submit. They'll each face challenges beyond imagination in a savage war as old as time.
When the stars rain down from the sky, who will rise up to meet them?
Follow progress on the sequel—Biotech Legacy: Long Fall—at the Oktopod Blog!


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