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How has your upbringing influenced your writing? I’m a dentist.  My dad is a dentist.  So I grew up with a certain love of inflicting pain.  Plus, both my parents are readers.  I picked up my love for King and Koontz and classic horror from my dad.  They always encouraged me to read, and when I started writing, they encouraged me to write.

Do you recall how your interest in writing originated? Nope.  I’ve just always enjoyed creating my own worlds, my own mythologies, and playing god.

When and why did you begin writing? My best friend and I began writing a book together in middle school.  It was about a kid who had to hop dimensions looking for colored keys.  Highly influenced by the basic Nintendo games at the time.  I remember one thing from this book and one thing only: I remember the main character noting that he knew that he was in Japan because all of the trees were so small.  Banzai style.

How long have you been writing? I’m 35 now… I started writing when I was twelve… so… uhmm.. can you give me a calculator.  I’m a dentist and a writer, not a mathematician, dammit!

When did you first know you could be a writer? I always knew I could do it.  I just get distracted waaaaaay to easily. I would start a novel, get bored, turn to video games, watch TV… start another novel a couple of months later.  The whole delayed gratification thing really dissuaded me.  Write a novel.  Spend months editing it.  Spend months looking for an agent.  Wait a year to see it in print.  It wasn’t until the eBook revolution when I knew that the waiting was minimal that I kicked myself into gear.

What inspires you to write and why? The need to tell stories.  The need to quiet the voices in my head.  The need to share my ideas with the world.  Or with anyone who will listen.

What genre are you most comfortable writing? I love writing psychological horror.  But I get bored without some action.  So I’ve pretty much morphed into a horror/supernatural thriller writer.  I don’t like zombies.  Or vampires.  Or sex for the sake of sex or violence for the sake of violence.  Or serial killers.  I will use these things to enhance a story, but not as a basis for a story.  In that regard, I definitely gravitate more towards the Koontz/King camp of horror (though I don’t even know if it would be called horror today) instead of the Clive Barker camp, though I loooooove Barker’s books.  Weaveworld may be second favorite book ever, after Neil Gaiman’s American Gods.

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Genre – Thriller / Horror

Rating – PG13 bordering on R

(Horror with some violence / Some sex, not overly graphic)

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